St John's Catholic Primary School

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The Catholic School Inspectorate Parent Survey was completed via FORMS on SeeSaw (October 2023). A big "THANK YOU" to all of our families who responded; the results are below...

Proposal for West Lancs College KS3 Satellite Provision at St John's Catholic Primary School (February 2024)

Information is currently published on the West Lancashire Community High School website regarding the Proposal for an increase in school places at West Lancashire Community High School either through additional classrooms on the main West Lancashire Community High School site or through a satellite provision in the former Children's Centre on the site of St John's Catholic Primary School, Skelmersdale.

There is an formal consultation ongoing  from 23 February until 23 March and a meeting will be arranged to take place at West Lancashire Community High School where a representative from Lancashire County Council will attend to provide further information and answer any questions you may have.

You can read about the proposal below.

To have your say, please click HERE to complete the consultation questionnaire.

Communication & Promotion of Online Safety Information

Questionnaires Completed January 2022

Children’s questionnaires KS1 & 2  (January 2022)

  • 100% of Year 6 students have access to 2 or more internet devices, with 85% of students in Years 1-5 have access to 2 or more internet devices
  • 85% of students have daily access to the internet out of school
  • 10% of students have felt unsafe online at home; 0% of students have felt unsafe online at school
  • 92% of students know what to do if they feel unsafe online
  • 75% of the students used the apps listed within the survey (all recommended age 13+)
  • 74% of students can name a favourite ‘YouTuber’


  • Online Safety explicitly taught in Autumn Term 1
  • Every Computing lesson begins with an Online safety ‘starter’ activity
  • National Online safety celebrations promoted
  • ‘Stay Safe Online’ posters distributed for home use also

Parental / Carer questionnaire  (January 2022 - 24% response)

  • Parents/carers confirmed that 92% of students have access to the internet out of school
  • 24% of parents/carers admitted that their children’s friends are not friends ‘in real life’, with 16% admitting that they don’t check who their children interact with online
  • 16% of parents/carers are not confident in applying privacy and security settings and have never spoken to the children about online safety
  • 32% of parents/carers would not be aware of what to do if an online incident occurred
  • 50% of parents/carers are not aware of the National Online Safety messages shared by school, but would welcome online safety workshops in school


  • National Online Safety #WakeUpWednesday posts shared via social media and SeeSaw app (all parents/carers registered with this app and we can track non-engagement)
  • Internet Matters Digital Toolkit shared (personalised advice for families following short online questionnaire regarding internet usage)
  • Internet Matters online newsletter shared via SeeSaw
  • Online Safety given a ‘tab’ within curriculum area of website, and includes National Online Safety advice